Mortal Sin #1

Everett Ridge 2009 Preston Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc (Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma)


One of the best locations in the world – the Preston Vineyards in the warm, rolling hills of the Dry Creek Valley.  Sauvignon Blanc grapes loving the sunny days and cool nights, many times touched by whisps of fog. Bottle that purely and organically.  Wait about (3) three years and change.  Stir in Wild Mushroom Lasagna with a Bechamel Sauce and some garlic bread and this becomes something beautiful.  The wine is a tease, no longer available in markets.  Somewhat waxy, dull floral nose (which increase citrus scents when it warms up) open on to a really nice combo of pink grapefruit, muskmelon and a hint of the same lime you find in the nose.  I would give it a 15. People who are on the Follow list currently or within 24 hours of this posting will be e-mailed the recipe for the Lasagna.  Oh, and its No-Boil.  Those that asked me and I assured them Bobbo cooks his own noodles, he looked at me, rolled his eyes, and said “as if.  This ain’t Top Chef…”

Wild Mushroom Lasagna with Bechamel Sauce and a thin crisp garlic bread; 2009 Everett Ridge Sauvignon Blanc


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