Doing Penance

Le Grand Noir 2011 Pinot Noir (Limoux, France)

Last Years Label

Ok, had a totally sinful weekend at Sharpe Hill Vineyards & Winery & Restaurant & Favorite Place in the Northeast for me to go for an autumn afternoon.  More pictures soon.  RIght now I am sitting here, proud as punch of myself to have not engaged in the SubSin of Gluttony called Laute, expensive gluttony, actually purchasing a mixed case of wine for $141 which is $13 a bottle. So, let’s complete our penance and drink ’em up, eh?  Le Grand Noir 2011 Pinot Noir is full of fresh cherry pie and vanilla.  It contains about 14% Grenache.  It comes from south central France where we don’t usually get wine from.  It is a soft, silky drink with lots of delicious flavor and a luscious body, but no roughness.  It’s THAT bottle of red wine to sit and drink. Screw food.  Repent you bad bad sinner.  You know your wicked guilty.  Pour yourself another.  I have a dozen.  Island Spirits & Wines on Broadway in Newport has 20% off wine and liquor (I think – don’t qoute me) until October 31st.  With tax this wine was under $10.  Damn its good.  I will talk about our fantastic trip to Sharpe Hill this weekend tomorrow.

          Road to Sharpe Hill Vineyards

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