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Argiolas Costamolino 2010 Vermentino (Sardinia)

Vermentino Grapes

This light, crisp expression of the Vermentino grape comes from the hills above Caliguiri, Sardinia. Vermentino, a grape that comes with a number of synonyms (in Southern France it’s “Rolle” and in Corsica “Malvasoie de Corse”), is grown throughout the Western Mediterranean, with plantings in Northwestern Italy around Genoa – and, increasingly, coastal Tuscany; Provence and the Languedoc in France; Spain, and the Mediterranean islands Corsica and, of course, Sardinia.  Its history dates back at least 700 years, and grape historians debate whether it got its start in Northern Italy, Sardinia or Spain; certainly it was widely traded as far back as the 13th century, earning it a place of respect in the grape family tree on the basis of longevity alone.  It is a large leaved vine with big triangular shaped clusters of grapes.

Our lovely example today has straw yellow color with some extremely light green reflections.  The nose shows citrus, pear and a touch of honey, no doubt due to its partial malolactic fermentation and an obvious small amount of time on its lees.  On the palate the wine is zippy, crisp and lively.  The citrus flavors carry through with kefir lime and pineapple as well as other softer tropical fruits and some ripe Bosch pear which give this wine a lush soft mouthfeel.  Flavorful, crisp and lush are the three words to describe this baby.  We paired it with Pasta Putanesca with prosciutto.  The 2010 is becomming hard to find, and runs about $14 a bottle.  The 2011 is what you will find on shelves and seems to be priced lower, around $12 to $13 per bottle.  Just for the shear flexibility of this wine (yes, it make an AWESOME pour on its own on a cool autumn or cold winter afternoon!) I would rate it a 15+ (out of 20). I really recommend you trying to find it.

Coming up: , Pasta Putanesca recipe posting in a few hours to subscribers, Greek Lamb Ragu posting tomorrow, and Sunday before Sandy at Sharpe Hill Vineyards ^ Restaurant coming very soon!
My apologies for the lag in posting.  It was a Superstorm, or something like that! Also, I was out working them streets for the election.

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